DO Comb It Down
This helps to create the perfect shape, with just the right amount of softness for a more natural look. Afterward, comb brows back into place. This trick really does create a softer, more natural look. From the topmost point of your brow, brush the hairs downward, toward your eyes. This makes a clear path for you to begin filling in the top of your brow. Touch up around it after you’ve brushed your hairs back into place.

DO Use Brow Gel
Use a brow gel daily to put hairs in place and keep them there. This can make a huge difference, especially if you want to give a ‘lift’ to the eye area. If you don’t have the time to fill them in, just use a product like other eyebrow gel products, you can use the gel to set the makeup when you go for a filled-in brow — great for unruly brows. You can even use clear mascara as an alternative.

DON’T Forget the Powder
Powder can have a powerful impact. For anyone who doesn’t need dramatic brows daily, powder set with a brow gel will last just as well as any good pencil or cream. Powder tends to have a less severe look than pencil and, once you get the hang of it, can make it easier to create a more natural, well-blended look.

DO Pencil It In
Skipping a brush and powder and going straight for a pencil. A pencil allows for more control.  Start with short, hair-like strokes to fill in brows. Then comb out (in the direction of hair growth) any excess product with the brush to achieve more of a natural look. Make sure to keep your pencil freshly sharpened to have a more pointed and focused stroke. If the texture of the pencil is creamy and easy to wipe off, finish by applying the same color of matte powder to set

DON’T Fill in Everything
Short strokes are the way to go. It’s never a good idea to draw in one long stroke for eyebrows. Filling in your eyebrows doesn’t mean your brows need to be one solid color. Focus on filling in the sparse areas instead. Doing the sparse areas first and avoiding filling in your brow in full allows you to keep your look natural and make use of the areas that are already full.

DON’T Try to Change the Color or Shape Too Much
Trying to force your eyebrows to be something they’re not is the quickest way to make them look unnatural. If you have thin brows, put down the pencil and embrace them. Such a dramatic and bold shape can overwhelm women with smaller face shapes and features.being conscious of your bone structure and hair color. If you have ashy tones in your hair, choose a color with a similar tone. Wider faces can handle the look of a larger brow, while a smaller diamond-shape face can stick with a less bold look.

DO Use Concealer to Highlight Your Brow Bone
Using a skin-toned concealer will help clean up any spots you missed, but won’t be too dramatic. If you want to highlight further, you can set underneath your brows with a lighter powder. Try a highlighting powder for a touch of shimmer that will make your arch pop.

DON’T Give Yourself Sharpie Brows
Less is more. Powder or shadow and an angle brush give you a more natural look. Sharpie brows are not cute.  When dark, heavy strokes were the fashion statement of the day, this look could not be further from what’s considered chic today. Natural is fine, and the best way to achieve that is by avoiding being heavy-handed with the pencil.

DON’T Use a Stencil
While stencils seem attractive for someone who isn’t a professional aesthetician, I suggest skipping them. They force a cookie-cutter shape onto your face that doesn’t necessarily flatter your existing eyebrow silhouette. Instead, follow your current eyebrow shape.Slowly fill in the areas that are sparse and you’ll see a natural shape start to form as you do this. Your arch doesn’t need to be over exaggerated if you don’t naturally have a big arch. Don’t force your eyebrow to take on a shape that just isn’t there.

DO Fill It in First
Filling your brows in before you tweeze, cut or shape is the way to do it, according to McDaniel, who suggests using a photo of yourself, celeb, etc. as a guide. It gives you an idea of how you’d ideally like your brows to look, making the shaping process easier. You can even use castor oil to aid in hair growth. Apply with a mascara spoolie each night before going to bed. You can even use it on your eyelashes — just be careful not to get it in your eyes.

DO Brush Then Trim
Long, unruly brows are more reminiscent of Dumbledore than Delevingne, but a lot of women don’t realize that you can actually trim them. A trim can have a huge impact on the way your brows look. Your eyebrow brush is probably the most underused brush in your collection, but that stops today. This indispensable tool is especially important when trimming. Use a disposable mascara wand or fine tooth comb to brush your eyebrows up and trim above the brow line to keep them tame in between waxing or threading