Hufflepuff-Inspired Bedroom

Today, I wanted to give you a tour of the Hufflepuff-inspired bedroom in our Florida Airbnb. If you missed the first bedroom tour (Slytherin!), you can see that here. I wanted to make sure and tour Hufflepuff as one of the first rooms because, as it was pointed out to me on Instagram, the Hufflepuffs of the world are often forgotten.

Our Airbnb house has two stories. The upstairs has three bedrooms and two full bathrooms. Here’s some of the art and what the stairway leading to the bedrooms looks like.

Here is a before and after of this bedroom. We did change the carpet on the stairs and landing, but other than that most of what we did on the second floor was paint and furnish/decorate. I chose a golden yellow color for the accent wall in this room. This bedroom is on the smaller side so I decided to add a bunk bed to maximize both the sleeping area and floor space. We imagine that likely it will be families with children staying in this home so the two bedrooms that have bunk beds were designed with that in mind. Although I must admit, I also stay in Airbnb homes most of the time when I travel and I have sometimes ended up in a bedroom with bunk beds, so they work for adults too. 🙂

The bedroom is simple and uncluttered with the beds, an area rug, side table, and floor lamp. There is also a really fun owl bean bag—a great spot for reading. Ha! This room has black velvet curtains to keep the room dark for sleeping, but there’s plenty of light in the room otherwise. Keely helped me create a little framed piece of fan art with the Hufflepuff motto that hangs above the side table. And the paint color is Midsummer Gold from Behr.

Even though the room is quite simple every piece was chosen with care. Here’s a few things in the space: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 (similar) / 5


Here is a peek into the bathroom. This bedroom as well as the adjacent bedroom (which I’ll share soon—it’s Gryffindor!) both have doors that connect to this bathroom. Check out the room sources below for more details. Thanks for letting me share! xo. Emma

Room Sources: bunk bed, curtains, area rug, side table, floor lamp, owl bean bag, Hufflepuff door banner, bathroom rug.

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Photography: Amber Ulmer and Emma Chapman. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

Slytherin-Inspired Bedroom

Our Harry Potter-inspired bnb house has five bedrooms. So, of course I had to make four of the bedrooms themed after each of the houses of Hogwarts. This master bedroom is located just off the kitchen and dining area. It’s a very spacious room (quite a bit bigger than the master bedroom in our own home, ha!) and since the full bathroom that is attached to this room already had green tile that I didn’t plan to change, I decided to make this into the Slytherin-inspired room.

Here’s a before and after of this room. Clearly updating the floors was a big change for this space. Other than that, all we really did was paint and then decorate/furnish this room according to the theme.

Each room that is themed after a Hogwarts house has a banner on the door, indicating which house it is. I also chose to add one colored accent wall in each room, picking a color that I felt represented the house—so of course our Slytherin-inspired room has a dark green wall. There is a king-size bed, side tables, a large dresser, TV, and a few fun/spooky decor items. I also chose to add black velvet curtains, which I actually have in my master bedroom at home as well because they do such a great job of blocking light in case you want to sleep in.

Here are a few of the items from the room. I have to admit, the snake rug is probably my favorite! Items: 1 / 2 / 3 / 4 / 5 / 6 / 7

Keely helped me make the prints that hang above the bed. I wanted to have some fan art in each room that had something to do with the houses motto or history from the books/movies. In the Slytherin-inspired room, there’s a print with the definition of Horcrux, one that is a “recipe” for Polyjuice Potion, and then one is the words to one of the unforgivable curses (the killing curse! ah!). And I chose Green Agate from Behr for the accent wall. See the room resources below for more details. Are there any Slytherins out there reading this? Do you feel I did your house proud? 🙂 xo. Emma

Room Resources: area rug, bed frame, curtains, side tables, side lamps, black dresser and then I added other pull knobs from The Home Depot, green vase and throw pillows / HomeGoods, comforter, black skull / JOANN, house door banner, snake and skull banner / Walmart (halloween decor), bathroom rug. Accent wall paint is Behr Green Agate.

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Photography: Amber Ulmer and Emma Chapman. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

Keely’s Bedroom Makeover (Before + After!)

Since the last time I checked in house-wise, we had a pretty big change: we moved! At the end of last summer, we very unexpectedly found a house that we felt was perfect for us in an area we wanted to eventually move. The way everything came together, we felt we couldn’t pass up the opportunity. Even though I wasn’t totally ready to leave our old home that we had put all our hearts into gutting and renovating (anyone else get SUPER emotional leaving their first home?), the idea of having new rooms to spruce up felt like a really exciting challenge that made it much easier to transition.

The first room we decided to tackle was our master bedroom. Our old bedroom had black walls, so we definitely went in a different direction, haha. As soon as I saw this Sera headboard from Article, I knew I was going to design the room around it. It was love at first sight. It’s made of cotton velvet (so luxurious) and has a mounting ledge that makes it super easy to attach to the wall.

To complement the dramatic, lush feel of the headboard, we decided to paint the room a soft, muted pink. Out of the five samples we swatched on the walls, Seaside Villa by Behr won and it’s exactly what we had hoped for. I have the feeling I’m going to use a fair amount of pink in this house—it’s a color that makes Michael and I feel cozy and relaxed, and to me, it’s totally a neutral. 😉

The opposite side of the room had some space that needed to be utilized, so we decided on a sitting area, and it’s been such a great addition. This pink table and comfy, but very chic chair (love the gold legs) also from Article totally stole my heart. The painted top on the table is the most perfect shade of blush! As you know, we love Article around here. They offer free shipping over $999 (it’s usually just a flat rate of $49 for orders under that and smaller shipments are $19) and a 30-day satisfaction guarantee so you can try out your new furniture in your home. If you’re not completely happy, they’ll pick up the furniture and provide a refund, minus the delivery and pickup charges which is $49 in most cases — so I love that there’s some flexibility and you can try different things if you need to. There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re stuck with an item you order because it’s big.

After landing on the pink, green and cream color palette, I decided on adding some terracotta/rust into the mix for some extra texture. I came across a new favorite website for flora-related decor, which is where I found the vase and sun palms (similar here). The brass swans are vintage and so far I’m very impressed with the function of this essential oil diffuser.

This print by Arielle Vey was also one of those things I saw and just knew its home had to be here in this room. Her work is truly some of my favorite photography. This print is 30×40, which is pretty big, so we used this DIY from the blog to make a frame for it and it saved us some serious $$$. I also love that if you find some decorative trim that you like, you can use that for your frame edges! Very customizable.

Formerly, I had left the top of our dresser pretty bare, but putting some of my favorite books (LOVE Beyond Beautiful! Recommend so highly) and some plants on here has sparked a lot of joy. This candleholder was such a find for me! I saw it in the Target aisle and it deeply affected me, haha.

This room has quickly become our favorite in the house–just ask our model pictured above (she wants to be in here 24/7). She always sits at the door like “OK, ready for bed now?” and it’s so funny! Putting this room together has reminded me of two things: paint can change everything and designing around one or two focal point pieces (in my case here, the headboard and the Arielle Vey print) can really help to make things easier and more fun. Thanks for tagging along today! xo Keely

Sources: Sera Headboard in Balsam, Calcite Ivory Spin Chair, and Silicus Pink Table c/o Article, Duvet cover in Lambskin / Amazon, Tassel pillow / Marshalls, Rattan side tables / Southeastern Salvage, Sconces / Amazon, Sitting area lamp / Amazon,  Rug under bed / Rugs USA, Rug under chair / Rugs USA, Macrame above bed / Amazon, Rust pom pom throw / Amazon, Tray / Target, Candleholder, Target / Terracotta vase / Afloral, Pom pom pillow / Target

Credits//Author: Keely Rust. Photography: Amber Ulmer. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

DIY Trim Accent Wall

It’s been a few years since I shared anything from my master bedroom, but I recently completed a super fun and (shockingly) simple accent wall I wanted to share with you. This could totally work in a number of spaces in any home but I love how it almost feels like the entire wall behind our bed is one giant headboard now. Ha.

This post is sponsored by Agility Bed. Maybe you already heard me talk about them in our podcast here … well, we’re partnering up on a fun giveaway! You can enter at the end of this post, so make sure to check it out!

We upgraded our bed to a king size this past year and we’ve had our Agility Bed mattress long enough now that I feel I can confidently share my review—which is that we both LOVE it. If you aren’t familiar, Agility Bed mattresses are a hybrid mattress so they are made of both foam and micro coils. The result is a super comfortable bed that sleeps cool. We also got a sheet set and pillows. I was initially a little skeptical about the sheets as I wash our sheets often (since we let our dogs sleep in our bed and, well, there’s a lot of dog hair) and I didn’t know how well they would hold up, but I was shocked that they actually get softer with washings. (!!!!!!!!) And their pillows come in traditional or side sleeper. We both got side sleeper and it’s the best pillow I’ve ever had. For real.

I wanted to try to show you the pillow in this post just so you could really see how it looks and maybe get an idea of how good it is. It’s a cool foam material. But it’s hard to make that translate in photos. I tried!

But that reminds me of one of my very favorite things about Agility Bed. They offer a 100-day risk-free trial. No joke! So you don’t have to take my word, you can try out their mattresses without feeling stuck if you don’t love it. I also love to see an offer like this because it tells me that the company is very confident you will love their product. And if you do decide to get an Agility Bed mattress, be sure to use our code: “ABM” to get $200 off your purchase. This accent wall is the visual upgrade, but the mattress and pillows are the functional upgrade in this room. And now you know. But let’s get back to this accent wall. In a nutshell, you simply use any trim (base boards, moulding, etc.) to add a design to a wall, then paint everything one color. It gives the wall a visual texture, but it’s not like a mural or wallpaper as it’s much more subtle.

It’s a very similar technique to this post about adding trim to closet doors (or any door).

Here is our bedroom wall before I started. I was aiming to make the space feel more finished and tied together visually, but I didn’t want to change where the art hung or the lamps (as I was happy with all of that).

We used a very small, thin trim to create my design. I was going for kind of an X but not a perfect X as that seemed, just not quite what I wanted for our bedroom. I wanted a clean, modern design but nothing too literal (if that makes sense?). There are SO many different kinds of trim and different kinds of designs you could create. This will change the supplies and the final look a lot, so I’m really just describing the project knowing that anyone doing this is going to have to customize it to their space.

You will need some kind of saw (we used a chop saw) for this project. You may also want a nail gun, but you could also add the trim to the wall by taping in place and nailing in by hand. Either way, use very small nails and take care as you work.

Cover/fill in all the nail holes with wood filler, as well as any cracks or seams like where two trim pieces had to be put together. Once that fully dries (check the package), sand down and prime.

Tape off any areas you need, then paint. Since my wall and especially my ceilings are textured, taping helped but I needed to go back and do touch ups at the end as well. The more textured your surface, the harder it is for tape to work and keep your edges perfect. Just go back in with a small brush—you’ll get there!

Also make sure to remove any outlet covers or other items (like the wall lamps I had) before painting.

I LOVE how this turned out! And I knew I did a good job when Trey saw the new accent wall once it was completely done and said, “Oh. It looks like a hotel room in here.” Husband approved. 🙂 Thanks for letting me share!

Now about the giveaway!We’re partnering with Agility Bed to give one lucky winner a 4-piece Sateen Sheet Set in the size of their choice and a set of cool memory foam pillows in your choice of traditional or side-sleeper style. I know I mentioned it earlier in the post, but I am obsessed with these sheets and pillows and am so excited one of you will get a set of each! To enter, just use our gleam widget below. The giveaway will close on 1/31/2020 at midnight CST and is open to U.S. residents only. Good luck!

xo. Emma

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Photography: Janae Hardy and Emma Chapman. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop. Project Assistant: Ethan Randolph. In case you are curious, my sweater is from

AGILITY BED – Win a Set of Sheets and Pillows!

Holiday House Bedroom Tours (Before & After)

Excited to finally share the bedrooms at the holiday house! This house has three bedrooms (other than the playroom which has a trundle bed), which includes a master bedroom downstairs and two very similar bedrooms on the second floor. First, let’s talk about this master bedroom.

Here you can see a little before and after of this space. This bedroom is connected to a small second room, through this arch doorway. So we decided to add a king-size bed in the main area and then create a mini living room in the second part. It’s a great space to hang out before bed or have a cup of coffee and read in the morning. That is one thing we loved about this home when we bought it—there are so many living/common spaces.

As you can see, quite a bit changed about this master bedroom aesthetically, but not much structurally. We refinished the floors, same as throughout the house, painted the walls and ceiling, and swapped out the closet doors before we moved on to furnishing.

Oh! And I almost forgot my favorite detail: the wallpaper!

Love the green leather love seat—it’s the absolute perfect size for this space! I also just love how cozy and calm these rooms feel while still having a few details that make it special.

I absolutely love the trip-colored macrame that was given to us from Modern Macrame. They have a monthly Knot-Along series where you can purchase the supplies and get patterns for beautiful wall hangings like this one for free. It’s really cool and if you have ever thought about getting into macrame you should for sure check them out!

Next to the macrame is a Missouri illustrated map that I got from Etsy. So cute and you’ll see in the next bedrooms I have a bit of a Missouri art theme going throughout the house. 🙂

And above the green sofa is a really beautiful abstract painting by our mom, Elizabeth Chapman. I know we are biased but I truly love our mom’s paintings and the colors of this one just felt perfect for this house.

In the stairway that leads to the second floor, that has the other two bedrooms, we added this really pretty black and white wallpaper. We also installed a few floating shelves at the top of the stairs for kiddo books, for Elsie’s girls when they are visiting. A few favorites include Yum Yummy Yuck, Triangle, and Sprout Helps Out (by our neighbor, Rosie). I am also very partial to Berenstain Bear books as I grew up reading those myself. 🙂

These two bedrooms are almost mirrors of each other. Both contain a queen-size bed (LOVE these bed frames—so classic) and a few items to make them feel like home, including more Missouri art prints (again, from Etsy and I’ll link both below). These rooms are very simple but hopefully still feel cozy to anyone and everyone that stays here in the years to come. Thanks for letting me share! We plan to list the house to rent out in early 2020 and we’ll for sure update you then! xo. Emma

Room Details: Loveseat, Queen bed frames, Black leather chairs c/o Article, king bed frame, master bedroom rug, wicker chair, wicker mirror/flea market find, white pouf, white dresser, bedding and throw pillows/Target, other throw pillows, faux marble mini table and large mirrors/Home Goods, Etsy prints 1, 2, 3, abstract painting, downstairs curtains, upstairs curtains, green chalkboards, master bedroom wallpaper, stairway wallpaper.

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Photography: Janae Hardy. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.

Emma’s BNB Tour (Part Two)

Sharing a tour of the bedrooms and bathrooms in my Nashville house today. If you missed it I recently shared about all the living spaces in this home as well. You can also click here to see all of mine and Elsie’s posts about this property.

Our side of the duplex has three bedrooms as well as three full bathrooms. On the first floor, basically right when you walk through the front door is the first bedroom, which has two single beds. Right next to this bedroom is a full bathroom with a shower.

On the second floor there are two more bedrooms—here is the first one. My favorite detail is the weaving above the bed, which I bought from my friend Rachel. I have a few of her weavings in my home in Springfield—I am a total fangirl.

Next to this bedroom is a full bathroom that has a shower and tub combo. Just wanted to throw that out there in case anyone either 1.) needs a tub for a kiddo bath or 2.) must have a bubble bath while they travel. I feel you. We have a tub!

The master bedroom is pretty special. If multiple couples are staying here, you’ll just have to draw straws who gets this bedroom because it’s the best one. It has a large walk-in closet and a connected full bathroom with a shower and double sink. My husband and I have a double sink in our current home as well and it’s hard to go back to sharing a sink when you’re used to having your own. Ha!

This bedroom also has double doors that lead to an outdoor balcony. It faces the backyard so it’s pretty peaceful to sit out there in the morning or early evening and sip on your coffee or a glass of wine. There’s a back porch everyone can enjoy as well, but this little upstairs porch is pretty darn cute if you ask me.

Here’s a peek at what all the bathrooms generally feel like—very clean and functional with mostly white tile and surfaces. Thanks for letting me share our Nashville short-term rental with you! xo. Emma

Sources: Twin Beds/Amazon, Metal & Wood Beds/Amazon, Lamps/Target, End Tables/Target, Door Mirror/Target.

Credits // Author: Emma Chapman. Photography: Amber Ulmer. Photos edited with A Color Story Desktop.