5 Valentine’s Day Outfit Ideas

I love Valentine’s Day mostly because I love the color combination of pink and red, and also…I like chocolate. And candy. And Bobby and I always go to Shake Shack. I put together 5 Valentine’s Day outfit ideas for you to try, but to be honest I would wear these any day of the year. Which one is your favorite?

Look 1

H&M Red Cardigan (old, but this sale version in black and burgundy is very similar)

Heart Print Skater Dress (on sale with extra 20% off using code ASOSSALEHAPPY) — this plus size option is similar

Lirika Matoshi heart fishnet socks 

Seychelles Cascade pumps (they come in 5 colors)

Charlotte Olympia clutch

Fenty “Uncensored” Stunna Lip Paint

Look 2

Bonlook Keiko Chan glasses in Sakura (shop the full collection)

Pink Chunky Knit Sweater (similar affordable option)

plaid skirt (on sale, use code ASOSSALEHAPPY for extra 20% off)

Strappy Black Heels (old but these are very similar)

Look 3

Mini Swing Dress with Fringe Cuffs

Different style dress, but very similar color and print plus size option

Over the Knee boots (old but these are similar and affordable)

Flynn black circle bag (similar, less expensive option)

thrifted belt

Look 4

Pink Frill Neck Sweater

Pink Corduroy Skater Dress (on sale for $19.50 and extra 20% off!)

also available in plus size and petite

Madewell Glitter Mary Jane Shoes (old but these gold ones are cute!)

Pop & Suki Pink Box Bag


Look 5

Custom Denim Jacket from Daily Disco (using a Levi’s Trucker jacket)

Heart Print Mini Dress (cute plus size midi option)

Red Tights

Red Strappy Heels (old but similar, low block heel version)

Strathberry MC Nano Bag 

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Four Ways to Style A Tiered Dress

Four Ways To Style A Tiered Dress

It’s time for another wardrobe remix! I’ve previously shown four ways to style high waisted jeans, four ways to style overall dresses, four ways to style a jumpsuit, and four ways to style a teddy coat. Today, I’m starting with my Atlantic-Pacific x Halogen ruffle tiered dress to show you four different ways to style it that also work great in the winter. FYI it’s also currently 40% off, so get this dress quick before it sells out! The tiered dress I’m wearing goes up to size XL, but I also love this dress that goes up to size 3XL.

Look one:

Atlantic-Pacific x Halogen ruffle tiered dress

Green coat

Over the knee boots (mine are old, but these are cute! and these are very affordable!)

Keiko Lynn x Bonlook glasses

Pom pom beanie

Lucite handle vintage bag

This dusty rose color is one of my favorites to start an outfit with, because there are so many colors I like to pair with it: red, goldenrod, cream, other shades of pink, and of course green! I recently bought this coat and was a little worried I wouldn’t wear it enough, but I’ve been wearing it nonstop. It’s warm, long without being overwhelming, and since it’s solid, I almost treat it like a neutral. Since I hiked up the dress a little bit, I like that the boots and long coat give it a little more balance.

Look two:

Atlantic-Pacific x Halogen ruffle tiered dress

Vintage coat (love this one)

Lirika Matoshi socks

J.Crew sandals

Brixton beret (more colors here)

Charlotte Olympia bag

I know socks and sandals can be seen as a faux pas, but I kind of love it when the socks are pretty. These Lirika Matoshi socks are meant to be seen, and are subtle enough that they almost need a second glance. I also like mixing textures, which is why I chose velvet sandals! The trapeze fit of this dress gives off a sort of 60s vibe, so I paired it with a vintage coat, lucite handle bag, and a beret that I can throw up in the air for a Mary Tyler Moore moment.

Look three:

Atlantic-Pacific x Halogen ruffle tiered dress

Pink coat (similar)

Lirika Matoshi tulle star skirt

Atlantic-Pacific x Halogen belt

Keiko-Chan x Bonlook glasses

Atlantic-Pacific x Halogen star bag

Madewell glitter shoes (old but available second hand here)

Speaking of Lirika Matoshi, here’s a second outfit with one of her pieces. My Lirika Matoshi tulle star skirt has gotten a lot of wear since I bought it, and it can be quite the head turner! I sometimes treat my dresses as blouses, and layer a skirt over them for more versatility. Since the dress is voluminous, it almost acts like a petticoat under the skirt. And to avoid being one giant poof, I added a belt to give some waist definition. A longer, more tailored coat pulls it all together. And of course, my favorite pink Keiko-Chan x Bonlook glasses!

Look four:

Atlantic-Pacific x Halogen ruffle tiered dress

Red bow belt

Pink faux fur coat (similar)

Red tights

Strathberry Nano Tote

Red suede strappy pumps

Red and pink isn’t just for Valentine’s Day, in my opinion! I especially love this dusty rose or a light blush with red.  In this case, I added a bow belt (so inexpensive and cute!), red tights and shoes, and since I love mixing textures, I layered with a faux fur coat in a strikingly similar color as the dress. 

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4 Ways to Style Overall Dresses

Does anyone remember the Flickr community, Wardrobe Remix? Back in the day, we did this wild thing where we wore the same pieces over and over in new ways — aka remixing. Nowadays, we bloggers are expected (or maybe we expect it of ourselves) to have new outfits, all the time. Wearing something more than once? As if! It’s already been photographed! Of course, we all know that isn’t real life, and most people — yes, even bloggers! — wear their clothing more than their photos may let on. I talk a lot about how I wear many pieces in my closet all the time, because clothing is meant to be worn over and over. If I’m going to make a purchase, I want to know I’ll get my money’s worth! But that doesn’t mean it has to be the same outfit. I’m going to reintroduce a series that was an old favorite and show you how to style one piece of clothing in multiple ways. This week, I’m focusing on ways to style overall dresses, featuring this corduroy one I picked up from Madewell. Let me know your favorite in the comments, and tell me if you have any remix requests!

p.s. There are tons of similar options in different colors and fabrics and price points — you can shop them all below. 4 ways to style a corduroy overall dress

4 ways to style a corduroy overall dress
Look One:

Madewell Corduroy Overall Dress

(this one is similar, see my “Shop the Post” for more options)

Madewell pom pom beret (there’s one left, here)

cat coat (to go with my cat shoes!)

plaid scarf (on sale!)

plaid button down (on sale!)

red tights

strappy red heels (old, but these are almost exactly the same)

red satchel

Keiko x Bonlook glasses


I love pattern mixing, and one of the easiest ways to dip your toe in the pattern mixing pond is to stay in the same color and pattern family. Case in point: this red plaid shirt with a larger plaid scarf. Red tights may not be everyone’s style (and that’s okay!), but I love how these colorful tights look with the strappy heels. If you want to tone it down, swap them out for black tights or go bare legged if the temperature allows.


4 ways to style a corduroy overall dress

4 ways to style a corduroy overall dress
4 ways to style a corduroy overall dress

Look Two:

Madewell Corduroy Overall Dress

(this one is also similar, see below for more options)

pom pom beanie (on sale!)

vintage floral blouse

chunky sweater (similar)

pink faux fur coat (on sale! along with more from MKT Studio)

Pop & Suki pink box bag

sheer tights

Sarah Flint “Rosie” loafers


Pink and caramel is one of my favorite, unexpected color combos (same goes for pink and mustard). I found this floral blouse at a thrift store years ago and I still wear it all the time. Style doesn’t have to cost a fortune. Though I love some pricier brands and like to invest in special pieces, I still love thrifting more than anything. It’s the best way to get unique pieces for a bargain! But speaking of special pieces, these Sarah Flint “Rosie” loafers are gorgeous and beautifully made. They come with a hand written card marked with the name of the shoe maker. How special is that?

4 ways to style a corduroy overall dress
4 ways to style a corduroy overall dress  
4 ways to style a corduroy overall dress

4 ways to style a corduroy overall dress

Look Three:

Madewell Corduroy Overall Dress (this one is similar and comes in many colors; see below for more options)

vintage striped sweater

over the knee boots (similar, on sale)

Flynn circle crossbody (similar, on sale)

Eugenia Kim red “Sabrina” cap

red double breasted coat (on sale! also available in three other colors)


I was fairly certain I’d end up returning this hat, since it’s a little out of my comfort zone (beret, beanie, large brim hat) — but it has quickly become my favorite! Proof that even when you think you know your style in and out, it’s good to experiment and change it up a bit. Red is definitely my favorite color to wear, and I love the pops of red from this coat and hat. The vintage sweater is another one of my best finds, and has survived years of closet purges. Search for 70s sweaters for some quirky gems.


Look Four:

Madewell Corduroy Overall Dress (similar, see below for more options)

Jurassic Park t-shirt

men’s sweater (old, but I like this one)

Adidas sneakers

vintage head scarf (love this one and this one)

opaque 200 denier tights

Coastal “Thursday” glasses


I obviously wouldn’t wear this with the overall top hanging down (though I would’ve when I was in 4th grade!), but I needed to show you this Jurassic Park t-shirt. My mom got it for Bobby, but it shrank and I got to take it for myself. Hooray! When planning my four ways to style overall dresses, I knew I wanted to put together a super casual look. Though I wish I could’ve gone without the tights, this winter weather wouldn’t allow. I did enjoy getting another chance to wear one of my favorite sweaters, which came from the men’s department in Topshop (several years ago). That’s one of my not-so-secret secrets: I love men’s sweaters! Check the men’s section for oversized, chunky cardigans or go to your local thrift store for an even better bargain.


Shop Overall Dresses below!

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